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I know it isn’t his bday in Japan anymore, but I had to write something for him. 

So.. It’s your birthday. 

More than anyone, I want you to be happy, because you deserve it. Since I knew you and your band, I felt something I’ve never felt before. And when I knew your history, I saw you was much more than you showed to us in stage. 

Your voice, the emotion you put in the songs… They always made a big difference. 

But there’s something that nobody will ever take away from you: your strenght. 

Bad things happened to you, but you didn’t give up on your dream and on the things you believed. 

One of the things that I learnt with Ruki is to be strong, no matter what. I learnt I can achieve my dreams, if I do my best. I can spread my wings and fly. 

Thank you, for everything. 

And.. Happy birthday, Ruki! 

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